Regular hotel renovations are necessary for success in the hospitality industry. There are many reasons a hotel might require a renovation, from rebranding and adding capabilities to periodic redecoration and essential maintenance. Though some hotels may choose to close their doors during a renovation project, many owners cannot afford to close during the construction process, and the properties that are open to bookings while undergoing renovation work will continue to generate revenue while enhancing the quality of their hotel.

Even though construction projects and renovation work during guests’ stays can be challenging, there are certainly ways to remain open, operational, and profitable during construction by planning ahead, keeping communication open, and working with an experienced general contractor.

To improve communication during a hotel renovation and minimize guest disturbance, here are some tips:

Understand the Scope of the Project and Plan Ahead

Before you start any renovation work, it is important to have a clear understanding of how in-depth the construction will be. For instance, if renovations are minor or surface-level repairs, then this will make it easier to remain open for bookings. However, if the project is more serious and requires things like demolition, structural work, or internal systems repairs, then this may be very disruptive for guests. Collaboration between the owner, designer, and the general contractor is vital to plan ahead, create strategies, and address potential challenges before construction work begins. A customized approach is necessary to fully understand the implications of each stage of the renovation process on the overall property. Regardless of the scope, hiring the right general contractor is key. A professional hospitality renovation general contractor will clearly communicate strategies and schedules before the project begins and throughout the process to completion.

Establish a Clear Hotel Renovation Communication Plan

Create a robust communication plan that outlines the renovation schedule, key milestones, and expected impact on guests. Set up regular meetings with the construction and operations teams to discuss progress, challenges, and any potential issues that may impact guest experience. This will allow for proactive problem-solving and ensure everyone is on the same page. You may also want to appoint a designated liaison between the construction team and the operations team. This liaison should be responsible for addressing concerns, coordinating efforts, and ensuring smooth communication throughout the renovation process.

Minimize Operational Disruptions

Prioritize minimizing disruptions during peak guest hours. Coordinate with the construction team to schedule loud or intrusive activities, such as drilling or demolition, during low-occupancy periods or when guests are less likely to be impacted. Use noise-cancelling barriers or soundproofing techniques to minimize the impact of construction noise on guest areas. Communicate these measures to the operations team so they can provide accurate information to guests and address any concerns. If you are doing renovations on guest rooms, then tackle work in sections. For instance, have contractors work one floor at a time, so you do not have guests staying on the same floor as the rooms being renovated. You should also reserve certain elevators and entrances for your construction staff to minimize the contact that they have with your guests. When you keep the construction work contained, you minimize the impact that it has on your guests.

Be Transparent with a Strategy for Guest Communications

Work with the operations team to develop a guest communication strategy. This could include sending pre-arrival emails, placing signage throughout the hotel, updating the hotel website, and providing staff with talking points to address guest inquiries and concerns. Even if the construction work is light enough that you can host guests without disrupting their stay, you still need to inform them about the renovations. Guests who book without knowing about the construction work could be upset and are more likely to leave a negative review. It’s best to be transparent about the renovation work being completed. When you keep guests informed and reassure them of the efforts you are taking to minimize disruptions, they are more likely to take a chance and book with you.

Hotel renovations can be disruptive at times, which is why planning ahead and clearly communicating with the construction and operations teams is so important. Maintain exceptional customer service and open communication for guests to improve their experience during this challenging time. By implementing these tips, you can improve communication with the general contractor and work together to minimize guest disturbance during a hotel renovation.

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