Industry Era Women Leaders Recognizes GLR’s Nikki Fox

We’re pleased to share that GLR’s Vice President of Business Development, Nikki Fox, has be recognized as one of the Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2023 by Industry Era Women Leaders. Nikki’s strong leadership, creativity, passion, and many years of industry experience is helping transform GLR into a hospitality industry leader.

Excerpt from the article…

Construction traditionally has been male-dominated industry, but Nikki Fox has spent 13 years working to expand the industry’s horizons and make it more welcoming to women. “I come from a long line of construction workers, and in 2009, I chose to take the opportunity to mix my operations/business background and my family history and work in the environment of hospitality construction,” she says. “Working in construction in the day-to-day of an operational hotel is my joy. Fast-paced, creating beautiful, safe spaces, all while keeping guests happy, are the smiles that keep me coming back for more.”

“I grew up in a time where I was told girls should not be on construction sites. That type of statement was not told to limit me [but] told out of love and to keep me safe,” she explains. “I stay in the industry to continue to make that type of thinking and those type of actions almost unrecognizable.”

Top 10 Inspiring Women Leaders of 2023 | Nikki Fox | GLR, Inc.

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